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FAQ - About the Jersey Gambling Commission

FAQ – About the Jersey Gambling Commission


What is the Jersey Gambling Commission?


The Commission was set up by the States in 2010 to regulate and licence all gambling in Jersey. That used to be the job of the States, but now we’re an independent body funded by licence fees from the industry, not by taxpayers.


What does the Commission do?


We regulate all of the gambling activity in Jersey, from websites to lotteries, and from betting shops to raffles. We’re not here to promote gambling or to speak for the industry - it’s our job to make sure that gambling is run fairly, and that people aren’t being ripped off. We also advise the States of Jersey on gambling policy, and we’re running consultation exercises about updating and modernising the rules on gambling in the Island.


Who runs the Commission?


We’re independent of the States and there’s a four-member Commission overseeing our work. But the law is within the remit of the Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture, who we advise on policy matters.


What does the change to a new gambling law mean?


From the start of 2013 a new Gambling Law came into force. The old law was written in the mid-1960s and did not reflect the way that society’s views on gambling had changed, or the way that people gamble today. The new law takes a much lighter-touch approach with small and charitable organisations that want to carry out simple fund-raising, and allows us to focus our attention on commercial gambling.


What is going to change?


There will be some changes in the years to come as we open up new commercial opportunities in Jersey in line with the new law. At every step, we’ll be consulting on what we’re planning to do, and we want to move slowly, listen to what everyone wants, and take it from there.