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Our Mission Statement


The Jersey Gambling Commission will work with diligence and integrity in line with its core principles. To that end we will:



- Regulate in accordance with generally accepted international standards to prevent fraud and money laundering, and prevent gambling being permitted to be a source of crime;


- Ensure products and services licensed by the Commission are verifiably fair to consumers of those services; and


- Ensure licensees act responsibly and implement safeguards necessary to protect children and vulnerable people.



The Jersey Gambling Commission gears itself towards fulfilling five core aims:



- To protect consumers, the young and the vulnerable;


- To regulate fairly and responsibly in a manner proportionate to the sector;


- To ensure that gambling legislation is kept up to date and fit for purpose;


- To advise Ministers and government on all matters relating to gambling and gambling regulation;


- To ensure that the Commission works to support government policy and the commitment to economic diversification.