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Notice of Direction imposed on Adam Hugh Cole


Adam Hugh Cole (“Mr Cole”), born 20th April 1950

BetIndex Limited - Licence Number RGO-006-18 (“BetIndex”)

Gambling (Jersey) Law 2012 (“the Law”)

Jersey Gambling Commission (“the Commission”)


  1.  On 11 March 2021, the licensed entity known as BetIndex was suspended pending an investigation into its activities by the Commission.  The Board of Commissioners, following its published Decision Making Process and after due deliberation, found that BetIndex was no longer fit and proper to hold a licence in Jersey. 
  2. That licence was revoked on 7th October 2021.  An investigation into the fitness and propriety of Mr Cole, in relation to his activities pertinent to BetIndex has now taken place.  The Commission has concluded that it is necessary and proportionate in all the circumstances of the case that Directions are issued under Article 35 of the Law.
  3. Accordingly, with effect from Wednesday, 6th April 2022, Mr Cole is prohibited from undertaking or holding himself out as undertaking, any position at all, whether employed or not, in any company licensed by the Commission.  This Direction is of an unlimited duration save that Mr Cole has the right under Article 35 (6) of the Law to apply to the Commission to have it withdrawn or varied.