Social & Charitable Resources

Social & Charitable Resources

It should be noted that the Commission can only approve Social & Charitable Gambling activities that are conducted by Charitable organisations, clubs, groups or societies that are based, and run from Jersey.

Individual members of the public can raise funds for a charity by any other means except gambling. Raffles, lotteries and bingo are considered gambling. Individual volunteers, wishing to raise money for good causes, using gambling events with the public of Jersey, can only do so with prior agreement and supervision from the Promoter appointed from within that charity, club or society. These organisations must hold a valid Registration or Permit with the Commission before any such events are advertised or promoted. If you do so without the charity's knowledge and oversight, you could be committing an offence.

Social & Charitable regulation falls into three categories and the type of permission required is determined by the value of prizes offered;

  • If the prize fund value is under £1,500 (for any one event) and 3 or less events are held in the year, this falls into the Exempt category and does not require a Registration or a Permit. The gambling must still be run properly and in accordance with the Law and the Commission's published Policy. Please refer to our Advice: Conducting Social Lotteries, which outlines the records which must be maintained and how events should be conducted.

  • A Registration is required if more than 3 gambling events are planned for the calendar year irrespective of the value of the prize fund (even low value prizes offered such as a box of chocolates or food hampers, must be considered when calculating how many gambling events are held) and/or the prize fund value exceeds £1,500 for any one event. Most gambling events require this permission.

  • A Permit is required if the prize fund value exceeds £12,000 per event or £30,000 in the year.


Note: Prize fund refers to the total value of all prizes offered. An appropriate value must be attributed to any prizes that are donated. There is no requirement to offer a fixed percentage of ticket sales as part of the prize fund, however the Promotor must ensure that any prizes offered are given to the winners and terms and conditions of entry are transparent and fair. 

Please choose from the options below to access the relevant forms and to review our various Policies and Advice Notes.

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Please complete a Social & Charitable Registration Application Form if you are running more than three events in the calendar year and / or your total prize fund exceeds £1,500 (for any one event).


Please complete a Permit Application Form if your prize fund exceeds £12,000 per event or £30,000 in the year.

Private / Membership

Private Lotteries / Membership Gambling refers to gambling carried out where there is no commercial gain and gambling is restricted solely to members of the club, society or place of work.
The number of Charities and Societies registrations with the Jersey Gambling Commission
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Our Social Responsibility
The Jersey Gambling Commission has a duty under the law to: protect children and other vulnerable persons from addiction to gambling and from other forms of harm associated with gambling; make assistance available to persons who are or may be affected by problems related to excessive gambling; and to otherwise avoid and reduce problems related to gambling.
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