Social Responsibility » Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

The Commission is committed to ensuring that Social Responsibility and adherence to its guiding principles are at the heart of its licensing and supervision.

The Commission works with its licensees to:


  • protect children and other vulnerable persons from addiction to gambling and from other forms of harm associated with gambling;

  • make assistance available to persons who are or may be affected by problems related to excessive gambling;

  • otherwise avoid and reduce problems related to gambling;

  • investigate, or cause to be investigated, any activity within its terms of reference;

  • obtain independent professional advice, but subject always to conforming with responsibilities as outlined in article nine of the Gambling Commission (Jersey) Law 2010 and paid for by the Social Responsibility Fund;

  • review the Commission's strategy for social responsibility-related issues and monitor relevant external developments, making recommendations as appropriate;

  • produce a Social Responsibility Report for inclusion in the Commission's Annual Report.