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BetIndex: Client Fund Notice

The Administrators of BetIndex (Begbies Traynor) posted a statement warning customers of a deadline of Thursday 19th August 2021 for direct access to accounts via the operator’s platform.

The deadline has been reached, and customers wishing to withdraw funds are now subject to a manual withdrawal scheme. Customers should note that player balances are ring fenced, but the manual repayment process will take longer than the previous direct access route.

The Administrators stress that claims against the actions of BetIndex before Administration are not affected by withdrawing funds, and urge customers to withdraw these balances as soon as is practicable.

The remainder of the statement, post-deadline, remains pertinent to customers wishing to withdraw their balances:

The Administrators of Betindex (Begbies Traynor) are putting measures in place to ensure that manual payments can be made for customers that request a withdrawal of their cash balance after access to the website has been removed. However, there are likely to be delays in these payments being made due to the manual nature of the payment process and whilst the Administrators put in place the required steps for this new process to be set up. 

The Administrators are in the process of setting up a new customer service email address which will be in use from next week, the details of which will be provided shortly.

However, please note that the customer service team currently have limited resources. As a result, there are likely to be delays in responses being provided. Both the customer service team and the Administrators will be working through all requests for cash balances to be withdrawn as swiftly as possible.

For Anti-Money Laundering purposes, we ask that customers sending in withdrawal requests please provide the following documents to ensure that payments can be made without the need for additional document requests which will further slowdown the process:

  1. Proof of Address
  2. Proof of ID
  3. Evidence of bank account (eg. Bank statement)

To reiterate, from Friday 20th August, customers will no longer be able to access their customer cash balances directly through the Football Index website. The customer cash balances are still protected and the Administrators are holding these funds in a segregated account, however, from Friday 20th August, manual payments will need to be made for each customer wishing to withdraw their cash balances. We urge customers to get in contact immediately to withdraw their funds.